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Verne Fowler is celebrating 65 years of teaching ages 2 to adult.  We offer classes in Ballet, Kinderdance, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin Jazz, and Acro.  Our school is not only proud of our reputation to building strong dancers, but offering an education that includes discipline and respect.  The classes that we offer are beneficial to the rhythm, coordination and self-confidence of your child.  However, it should  be FUN as well as a great learning experience!  This is the atmosphere we try to create.


 Our staff is dedicated to fostering the student’s imagination through the art of dance. Dance helps to unleash your creativity, it is great exercise, plus, it’s fun!  There are limitless types of dance and our teachers have varying teaching styles.  Opening your mind will develop your technique and enhance your artistry.  Enjoy unleashing your creativity and learn something new every time you come to dancing school! 


Be your best!  Use this dance opportunity to learn and grow as an athlete and artist.  Effort is always the most important thing!  Never settle for less than your best. 

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